GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic t5 Tube
GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic t5 Tube  GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic is a full spectrum 6500 K HO T5 lamp with enhanced photosynthetic peaks which recreates a natural sunlight effect. Recommended for Freshwater and Marine aquaria Aquatic plants as well as...
from RM95.00 MYR
GIESEMANN T-5 / Actinic-blue
GIESEMANN T-5 / Actinic-blue Light of wavelengths from 400 - 510 nm, with a maximum at 420 nm. These wavelengths enhance the growth of many coral species in the aquarium, thus ensuring optimum lighting conditions. Since most aquarium inhabitants live...
from RM85.00 MYR
GIESEMANN T-5 / Aquablue- coral
GIESEMANN T-5 / Aquablue- coral  GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue- coral is the ultimate blue/white light spectrum ( special 30:70 combination of 6000K and 22000K) Enhancing brilliant colors from your corals and fish. Light dependent corals in the sea are inhabited...
from RM90.00 MYR
GIESEMANN T-5 / Super Purple Marine
GIESEMANN T-5 / Super Purple Marine  GIESEMANN T-5 / super purple is the ultimate white/violet spectrum T5 lamp to accentuate coral and fish colors as well as providing proper light intensity for coral growth. Recommended for Marine/Reef Aquaria super- purple...
from RM90.00 MYR
GIESEMANN T-5 / Super-Actinic Marine
GIESEMANN T-5 / Super-Actinic Marine - 24W The GIESEMANN T-5 / super-actinic emits a very strong, pure actinic spectrum, which generates a light white/violet effect in your aquarium that maximizes the fluorescence from your colorful corals. Ideal for supplementation of...
from RM105.00 MYR
GIESEMANN T-5 / Aquablue-Azure
GIESEMANN T-5 / Aquablue-Azure  The GIESEMANN T-5 / aquablue-azure is a turquoise blue 16-17000K lamp developed for reef aquariums providing higher PAR to enhance the colors and growth of corals whilst producing a rich azure- blue for optimum aesthetics. Colour...
from RM90.00 MYR
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