Hikari Coralific Delite coral food
Hikari Coralific Delite coral food Ideal For Direct Fed Coral A Nutrient Package That Stimulates Feeding Response Offers Excellent Polyp Extension DUAL -- USE – Offers Maximum Feeding Flexibility Targeted Gel Feeding Squirt & Go™ Feeding Floating Type A Zooplankton...
RM30.40 MYR
polyplab reef roids - coral food
Polyplab Reef Roids coral food ** New 2020 packaging, with more content ** Reef-Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product. It is formulated to minimize water...
RM69.00 MYR from RM60.00 MYR
polyplab Polyp Booster - 100 ml
RM105.00 MYR RM98.10 MYR
polyplab Polyp Booster - 100 ml
Polylab Polyp Booster - 100 ml WHAT IS POLYP-BOOSTER? For the last 7 years, Polyp Lab's Reef-Roids has demonstrated its ability to improve coral growth and health in the aquarium. Independent research has shown that the regular use of Reef-Roids...
RM105.00 MYR RM98.10 MYR
polyplab RF Plus coral foods - 50 ml
Poly Lab RF Plus - 50 ml RF-Plus is a water-stable mixture of liquid and solid coral foods that have been enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vibrant coral coloration results from regular use and is most noticeable for SPS corals....
RM112.00 MYR
Easy Reef - Easy Booster 25 ( 250 ml )
Easy Reef - Easy Booster 25 liquid phyto coral food easydose is liquid phytoplankton, a veritable advance for aquariums and aquarists. easydose is a suspension in gel form comprised of marine microalgae and marine minerals that can be preserved at...
RM150.00 MYR
korallen Zucht zeovit Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer - 50ml
Korallen Zucht zeovit Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer - 50ml The new Coralfood Concentrate contains both liquid and solid elements, providing food to SPS corals as well as several soft corals. Does not increase PO4 or NO3. First results can be seen...
RM238.00 MYR
korallen zucht Sponge Power Concentrate - 50 ml /100 ml
korallen Zucht Sponge Power Concentrate - 50ml / 100 ml Sponge Power enhances the growth of filter feeding species like sponges, tridacna clams and sea squirts. The increased growth helps these organisms process a larger volume of tank water and...
from RM235.00 MYR
aquaforest AF Energy coral food - 10 ml / 50 ml
aquaforest AF Energy coral food - 10 ml / 50 ml Accelerates coral growth. Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, unique Highly concentrated and nutritious food for corals. extract from selected zooplankton, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates. The product does...
from RM36.00 MYR
DD H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste - 125 ml / 250 ml
DD H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste - 125 ml / 250 ml An innovative way to provide a nutritional diet for all fish and corals in the marine aquarium over an extended natural feeding period. The paste contains a blend of...
RM70.00 MYR from RM63.00 MYR
First bite SPS Coral Food
BCUK First bite SPS Coral Food This revolutionary food has been manufactured to a nanoplankton particle size of 2-20 microns, which is the perfect size range for feeding to small polyp stony corals. These particles are combined with colour enhancing...
RM45.00 MYR
Aquapharm SeaPlankton 5-in-1 Coral food - 250ml
Aquapharm SeaPlankton 5-in-1 Coral food - 250 ml SeaPlankton™ is a highly concentrated aquacultured, nutrient-rich plankton. It is proprietary blend of 5 different algae species with rotifers and eggs. SeaPlankton™ can feed a wider range of corals due to cell...
RM50.00 MYR
AquaForest power food
AquaForest power food Powdered food for all types of corals, especially SPS corals. Unique formula of AF Power Food is based on a special mix of highly nutritious plankton and marine and freshwater algae. The formula has been enriched with...
RM64.00 MYR
AquaForest Ricco food
AquaForest Ricco food Powdered food dedicated mostly for Zoanthus, Ricordea, Rhodactis and other mushroom corals. Carefully selected plant mixture developed to meet all the needs of Zoanthuses and mushroom corals. Ricco Food is enriched with a special set of vitamins...
RM65.00 MYR
AquaForest Growth Boost
AquaForest Growth Boost AF Growth Boost is a supplement for growth acceleration. It is designed for all kinds of corals. Due to the unique composition of carefully selected amino acids, it significantly improves coral polyps extension. The use of AF...
RM80.00 MYR
Fauna Marin Coral Balance
Fauna Marin Coral Balance - Coral Food and Treatment Regulation Coral Balance is a modern nutrient control system that enhances metabolic turnover rates. It was specifically formulated to reactivate and stabilize nutrient cycles and alkalinity control in modern reef aquaria....
from RM115.50 MYR
Fauna Marin Min S ( coral food )
Fauna Marin Min S - ( coral food ) Min S is a liquid food that helps achieve healthy growth, rich colors and extraordinary tissue fluorescence. With a unique combination of natural feed particles, marine biopolymers and organic nutrients, Min...
from RM98.00 MYR
Fauna Marin Coral Sprint coral food
Fauna Marin Coral Sprint coral food Coral Sprint: premium grade marine Bacterioplankton substitute for feeding corals in ULNS systems. Dosing recommendation: 1 dosing spoon per 500 L (132 US gal), dose every 2 days Mix Coral Sprint powder in a...
from RM128.00 MYR
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Aquaforest Phyto Mix 100ml
RM55.00 MYR RM49.50 MYR
Aquaforest Phyto Mix 100ml
Aquaforest Phyto Mix 100ml Liquid food dedicated mainly for soft corals, gorgonias and non-phosynthetic corals. Due to the perfect balance between the content of phytoplankton and zooplankton, the formula provides corals with all necessary nutrients such as proteins, fats and...
RM55.00 MYR RM49.50 MYR
Aquaforest Fish V vitamin for fish - 10ml / 50 ml
Aquaforest Fish V - 10ml / 50 ml A multivitamin designed for all ornamental fish, both marine and freshwater. Fish V contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K3 and biotin, alanine, choline, cysteine, glutamine, leucine, lysine,...
from RM36.00 MYR
Easy Reef - Easy Booster Nano 250ml
Easy Reef - Easy Booster Nano 250ml Liquid phytoplankton in single-dose bags that is ready to use, easy and clean. Easybooster composition: Isochrysis T-ISO (33%) / Nannochloropsis (31%) / Tetraselmis (18%) / Phaeodactylum (18%) The special characteristics of each one...
RM98.00 MYR
Fauna Marin Coral Dust coral food 100ml
Fauna Marin Coral Dust coral food - 100ml ** 2019 New packaging ** Natural food particles for keeping colorful Ric´s and Zoas, Discosoma and small polyp corals like Goniopora and others. Dosing: Add 1/4 tsp with Aquarium water mix it...
from RM140.00 MYR
Karine Marine farm Live Phytoplankton ( Tetraselmis SP.)
Karine Marine farm Live Phytoplankton ( Tetraselmis SP.) Tetraselmis suecica Green Phytoplankton 10-15 Microns There is probably no single type of microalgae that is ideal as feed for a varied community of captive animals (such as a reef tank)Tetraselmis suecica...
from RM40.00 MYR
Fauna marin coral Vitality -50ml
CORAL VITALITY - Color, power and vitality CORAL VITALITY is the optimal supply for the important bacterial fauna of corals. Coral tissue is the key to the vitality, growth and health of all stone corals. With CORAL VITALITY the symbiosis...
RM220.50 MYR
Fauna marin LPS grow+Color pellet
Fauna Marin LPS Grow+Color 100ml LPS Grow and Color is a special LPS and Azoo pellet food for perfect colors and growth. Natural plancton, combined with special proteins are the formula for success. Fauna Marin LPS food was created especially...
RM140.00 MYR

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