polyplab colors 500x - 50 ml
Polylab Colors 500x - 50 ml WHAT IS POLYPLAB COLORS? Designed for the most demanding coral growers, Colors is an intense ultra pure group of amino-acids. User descretion is advised. Please follow dosage instructions. Sudden algae blooms has shown to...
RM398.00 MYR
polyplab one - 500 ml (all in one reef supplement )
Polylab One - 500 ml (all in one reef supplement ) One supplies calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity to your reef in a simple and convenient formula. It is a fully balanced calcium system that does not require complicated reactors, multi-part...
RM78.00 MYR
polyplab Polyp Booster - 100 ml
RM105.00 MYR RM98.10 MYR
polyplab Polyp Booster - 100 ml
Polylab Polyp Booster - 100 ml WHAT IS POLYP-BOOSTER? For the last 7 years, Polyp Lab's Reef-Roids has demonstrated its ability to improve coral growth and health in the aquarium. Independent research has shown that the regular use of Reef-Roids...
RM105.00 MYR RM98.10 MYR
polyplab Reef primer coral dip
REEF-PRIMER SHOT - 45 g / 180g coral dip WHAT IS REEF PRIMER CORAL CONDTIIONER?: Reef primer will clean away: Zoanthid Eating Nudibranchs, Montipora Eating Nudibranchs, Acropora Eating Flatworms, Brstlworms, Zoanthid Eating Spiders, Red Flatworms, Filamentous Hair Algae, Rapid Tissue...
RM62.00 MYR from RM57.00 MYR
polyplab reef resh system - 4 bottle / set
Poly Lab Reef Resh System - 4 bottle / set System Reef-resh is an innovative four part system for true low-nutrient reef keeping. By harnessing the power of microbial activity, the system provides an elegant solution to excess nutrients in...
RM650.00 MYR RM621.00 MYR
polyplab reef roids - coral food
Polyplab Reef Roids coral food ** New 2020 packaging, with more content ** Reef-Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product. It is formulated to minimize water...
RM69.00 MYR from RM60.00 MYR
Polyplab RF - Fuel 500ml
WHAT IS polylab RF-FUEL 500 ml : Polylab RF-Fuel is a unique fusion of organic carbon sources enriched with amino acids. It is a safe, and highly effective carbon-based bacterial food source that will steadily improve water quality. The process...
RM300.00 MYR
polyplab RF acids - 50 ml
RM135.00 MYR RM121.50 MYR
polyplab RF acids - 50 ml
Polyplab RF Acid - 50 ml The role of amino acids becomes critical in a low nutrient environment. RF-Acids is blend of specific amino acids that our research has shown to improve coral growth and colouration. Those that inhibit coral...
RM135.00 MYR RM121.50 MYR
polyplab RF Genesis - 50 ml
Poly Lab RF Genesis - 50 ml Working with a Canadian biotechnology firm, polylab have manufactured a custom blend of bacterial strains with concentrations of over 80 billion cells/mL. In their planktonic state, these bacteria serve as a highly nutritious...
RM112.50 MYR
polyplab RF Plus coral foods - 50 ml
Poly Lab RF Plus - 50 ml RF-Plus is a water-stable mixture of liquid and solid coral foods that have been enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vibrant coral coloration results from regular use and is most noticeable for SPS corals....
RM112.50 MYR
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