Fritz Zyme 9 Saltwater Live Bacteria - (16 oz) / 32 oz
Fritz Zyme 9 Saltwater Live Bacteria - (16 oz) / 32 oz The ORIGINAL LIVE Nitrifying Bacteria Saltwater Specific Species Rapidly Eliminates Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite Allows Safe Immediate Introduction of Livestock Prevents “New Tank Syndrome” Establishes and Maintains a...
RM85.00 MYR from RM80.00 MYR
Fritz Zyme Monster 360 Super concentrated bacteria - 32oz
Fritz Zyme Monster 360 Super concentrated bacteria - 32oz SUPER CONCENTRATED Biological Aquarium Cleaner For Freshwater Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy Aquarium Removes sludge and organic debris Reduces & Simplifies Maintenance Bacteria Rapidly Digests Waste Eliminates Foul Odors &...
from RM90.00 MYR
Fritz Zyme Monster 460 Biological bacteria for Saltwater tank - 16 oz / 32 oz
Fritz Zyme Monster 460 Biological bacteria for Saltwater tank - 16 oz / 32 oz   SUPER CONCENTRATED Biological Aquarium Cleaner For Saltwater Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy Aquarium 16 oz ( 473 ml) treats 4,730 gallons ( 17,905...
from RM85.00 MYR
brightWell microbacter 7 bacteria
BrightWell Microbacter 7 bacteria Overview Complex system of non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic microbes, as well as natural enzymes, specifically formulated to establish biological filtration in new aquarium set-ups, and to enhance the rate of nitrification, denitrification, and organic waste degradation...
RM122.00 MYR from RM53.00 MYR
Probidio Biotim bacteria booster / Food
Probidio Biotim bacteria booster / Food  Contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life (amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins…) Bioptim also provides trace elements: - sulphur for proteins - iron for plants and fish blood - cobalt for B vitamins...
from RM6.50 MYR
Prodibio Bio Digest -live aquarium bacteria
Prodibio Bio Digest -live aquarium bacteria BioDigest is effective in both fresh water and marine water tanks and is a concentrated bacterial solution which biologically filters and eliminates aquarium waste. BioDigest: composed of live bacterial strains aquarium cleaning by waste...
from RM6.00 MYR
Seachem Stability Bacteria for saltwater tank
Seachem Stability Bacteria for saltwater tank Description Stability® will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofilter in freshwater and marine systems, thereby preventing the #1 cause of fish death: "new tank syndrome". Stability® is formulated specifically for the aquarium and...
from RM57.00 MYR
MICROBE-LIFT / Nite-Out II Bacteria - 8 oz
MICROBE-LIFT / Nite-Out II Bacteria - 8 oz Specially Formulated for Rapid Ammonia and Nitrite Reduction Decreases Ammonia & Nitrite Toxicity For SALT & FRESH WATER Contains: Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobactor MICROBE-LIFT/Nite-Out II is designed specifically for aquarium waters that...
RM42.30 MYR
Aquaforest Bio - S saltwater bacteria 10ml / 50ml
Aquaforest Bio - S saltwater bacteria 10ml / 50ml Carefully selected liquid nitrifying bacteria that can greatly accelerate the removal of ammonia and other organic compounds. Bio S is great for new tanks that are currently cycling helping increase and...
RM112.00 MYR from RM36.00 MYR
korallen zeofood plus - 50 ml/100 ml
korallen zucht zeofood plus - 50 ml / 100ml Color enhancement by supporting the biology! Enhances cleaning effecs of bacteria and promotes biology in salt water tanks. A good and important bio bilm is created within short time. After a...
RM105.00 MYR
korallen zucht ZEOstart3 - 100 ml / 250ml
zeovit ZEOstart3 - 100 ml / 250ml ZEOstart 3 was developed for reefers who want optimum water parameters in a biological way. It promotes the reproduction of all nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium and is therefore very effective in reducing...
from RM125.00 MYR
TUNZE care bacter 40ML
TUNZE care bacter bacteria 40ML (0220.005) The new Tunze Care Bacter contains bacteria on a stone powder substate from Maerl, which keep freshwater or saltwater aquariums clean. Care Bacter is an exceptional blend of bioactive filtering organisms which was specially...
RM140.00 MYR
korallen zucht zeobak - 50ml / 100ml
zeovit zeobak - 50ml / 100 ml ZEObak is a microorganism solution which contains several bacterial strains that form a bacterial chain capable of consuming nutrients. ZEObak is one of the big four (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart) required for the...
from RM0.00 MYR
Nyos Bio Booster - 250ml
Nyos Bio Booster - 250ml BIO BOOSTER biologically reduces nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. In addition, your corals can use the resulting biomass as particulate nutrition. Together with the vitamins and amino acids contained therein, this leads to strong growth and...
RM120.00 MYR
Nyos Bac - 10ml
RM75.00 MYR RM60.00 MYR
Nyos Bac - 10ml
Nyos Bac (New) - 10ml Highly concentrated, nutrient degrading bacteria strains for marine aquariums. DOSAGE 2 drops per 100 litres (25 gal) two times per week
RM75.00 MYR RM60.00 MYR
Prodibio Bundle DIscount ( BioDigest + Biotim)-30 Vials
Prodibio Bundle DIscount ( BioDigest + Biotim) 30Vials ( 2017 New packaging with counterfeit features ) Bundle Discount for ; 1 Box of Bio tim ( 30 Vials ) 1 box of Bio Digest 2017 new packaging ( 30 Vials...
RM300.00 MYR
Caribsea Aqua Biotic - 8 oz
RM64.00 MYR RM58.00 MYR
Caribsea Aqua Biotic - 8 oz
Caribsea Aqua Biotic - 8 oz This product is an all natural formulation consisting of a suite of beneficial waste reducing bacteria strains (aerobic and anaerobic) designed to reduce the need for water changes and gravel cleaning duties in fresh...
RM64.00 MYR RM58.00 MYR
Fauna Marin Bacto Reef Balls reef-bacteria + enzymes in depot spheres
Fauna Marin Bacto Reef Balls reef-bacteria + enzymes in depot spheres Millions of live reef-bacteria and enzymes in depot balls for easy dosing. BACTO REEF BALLS EFFECT: Crystal clear & healthy water, nutrition control and easy reduction of ammonia, nitrite,...
from RM112.00 MYR
AquaForest NP Pro Bacteria ( NItrate & Phosphate reducing bacteria) - 10ml / 50 ml
AquaForest NP Pro Bacteria - 10ml / 50 ml Liquid Polymer – Media for a growth of probiotic bacteria. After addition of -NP Pro, bacteria will grow rapidly and in that way will convert unwanted nutrients like nitrate and phosphate...
from RM36.00 MYR
AquaForest Pro Bio S - 50 ml
AquaForest Pro Bio S - 50 ml A unique composition of specially selected probiotic bacterial strains designed to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. Decomposes toxic substances for fish and by releasing macro and micronutrients increases their availability. Pro Bio...
RM112.00 MYR
DrTim's 4 oz one & only live bacteria (Marine)
Dr Tim one & only ( REEF PURE ) live bacteria - 4 oz ( 120 ml) ONE & ONLY Live Nitrifying Bacteria for Reef, Nano and Seahorse Aquaria Eliminates new tank syndrome Instantly creates a bio filter Removes toxic...
RM145.00 MYR
MICROBE-LIFT / Special Blend Bacteria
MICROBE-LIFT / Special Blend Bacteria A Complete Eco-System in a Bottle For SALT & FRESH WATER Features and other benefits: Dramatically reduces need for water changes Reduces the frequency of cleaning Good for salt and freshwater fish Chemical free! A...
from RM51.30 MYR
AquaForest Pro Bio F
AquaForest Pro Bio F Product contains a unique composition of freeze-dried probiotic bacteria and nourishment to facilitate their multiplication. Pro Bio F is especially recommended for small aquariums in which installing a filter with polymers is not possible or it...
RM45.00 MYR
Fauna Marin Bacto Energy
Fauna Marin Bacto Energy BACTO ENERGY is a distinctive carbon supply designed to nourish nutrient reducing bacteria in marine aquariums. Safely reduces nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate Gives a dependable process for the elimination of nitrogen compounds Directly supports denitrifying bacteria...
from RM213.50 MYR

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