portable handheld TDS Meter
RM18.00 MYR RM12.00 MYR
portable handheld TDS Meter
Portable Handheld TDS Meter Our handheld and portable TDS meter provide a fast , economic and convenience way of water quality testing you can trust. Cater specially for reverse osmosis (RO) water filters, water purification systems, hydroponics, aquariums, pools and...
RM18.00 MYR RM12.00 MYR
HM digital Dual Inline TDS meter
HM digital Dual Inline TDS meter The Dual TDS meter offers an easy and convenient way of monitoring the performance of your RO or RO/DI unit. It allows you to quickly check the quality of the inlet and outlet water...
RM195.00 MYR
Milwaukee CD600 TDS meter
Milwaukee CD600 TDS meter Milwaukee’s economical testers are easy-to-use and low cost instruments to measure quick and reliable pH, EC or TDS values. Measuring electrical conductivity is the best way of checking the amount of salt or dissolved solids (TDS)...
RM175.00 MYR
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