polyplab RF Genesis - 50 ml
Poly Lab RF Genesis - 50 ml Working with a Canadian biotechnology firm, polylab have manufactured a custom blend of bacterial strains with concentrations of over 80 billion cells/mL. In their planktonic state, these bacteria serve as a highly nutritious...
RM112.00 MYR
Polyplab RF - Fuel 500ml
WHAT IS polylab RF-FUEL 500 ml : Polylab RF-Fuel is a unique fusion of organic carbon sources enriched with amino acids. It is a safe, and highly effective carbon-based bacterial food source that will steadily improve water quality. The process...
RM300.00 MYR
Nyos Zero - 250ml N03 and P04 phosphate remover
Nyos Zero - 250ml N03 and P04 phosphate remover NYOS® ZERO allows you to reduce nitrates and phosphates by biological means to the detection limit. The result is a pure, natural aquarium milieu with strong corals and lively fish. DOSAGE...
RM105.00 MYR RM94.50 MYR
RedSea N03P04-X Phosphate & Nitrate reducer
RedSea Nopox N03P04-X Phosphate & Nitrate reducer - Highly effective, reef-safe solution for the long term prevention of algae through precise control of nitrates & phosphates redsea_no3p0x Controllable and safe nitrate & phosphate reduction Sets and maintains ongoing desired levels...
from RM84.00 MYR
Xepta Bac NP out ! Nitrate & phosphare remover ( 500ml/1000ml)
Xepta Bac NP out ! Nitrate & phosphare remover ( 500ml/1000ml) Bacteria are essential organisms for any aquarium, but they must find certain elements that promote growth and optimize their functions within the aquarium. A bacterium needs to have a...
from RM113.00 MYR
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