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Orca lab Phospha Guard Bio cube Phospha Guard - Phosphate remover 500 ml ( Suitable for Aquarium Up to 500 litres ) Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes is the worls's first solid carbohydrate based Phosphate remover that naturally removes Phosphate from both fresh and marine aquarium water. Unlike competing products that use heavy...
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Orca lab Phospha Guard Bio cube

Phospha Guard - Phosphate remover 500 ml ( Suitable for Aquarium Up to 500 litres )

Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes is the worls's first solid carbohydrate based Phosphate remover that naturally removes Phosphate from both fresh and marine aquarium water. Unlike competing products that use heavy metals to accomplish this, Phospha-Guard BIO cubes uses Redfield's Ratio to remove phosphate. Using this all natural method gives far greater perforamce over competing products. Phospha-Guard BIO cubes is a " Point of source" treatment which prevent system from crashing. The Bio mass created by Phosha-Guard BIO cubes contains no ferric iron and is completely non toxic. In fact, the biomass created by the heterotrophic bacteria is also a great source of nutrition for corals and other filter feeders.

Phospha-Guard BIO cubes require virtually no maintenance and does not require an expensive fluidized reactor to operate and work.

The Effects of Redfield's Ratio on Carbohydrate based nitrate / Phosphate removers

Redfield ratio is the atomic ratio that exists between carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus that is found in plankton and throughout the oceans. This ratio also applies to yeast / bacteria that are responsible for nitrogen removal. The original ratio is found to be C:N:P = 106:16:1. The ratios of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus have recently been proven to fluctuate somewhat between different species of yeast. All 3 of these nutrients are required in order to make the process of nitrate removal possible. If the system becomes depleted in either one of these nutrients, biomass production will not happen and nitrate removal will cease. This is a common problem with all carbohydrate based nitrate removers and Phospha Guard is the only product of it's kind in the world that is resistant to this problem.

The role of Phosphate in Carbohydrate based nitrate removers

Phosphorus is essential to virtually every living creature. Phosphate is a component of ATP, RNA, DNA, and also the phospholipidsthat form all cell membranes. Low phosphate levels will limit growth in aquatic systems. The lack of Phosphate in a system will severely restrict the growth of the yeast / bacteria that removes nitrate in a system. Think of it in this way, if nitrate were the bricks for building a house, then phosphate would be the cement. If there were no cement to hold the bricks in place during construction, no building can continue. This is also true with the yeast / bacteria that is cultured to remove nitrate from the aquarium as the absence of phosphate will cause the process of nitrate removal to cease.

Directions for use :

Phospha -Guard BIO cubes must be used in conjunction with Bitra Guard BIO cubes Orginal and Nitra Guard TITANTIUM in a ratio 2:1 Ratio (2 part Nitra guard Orginal to 1 part Nitra Guard titantium ) This blend should then be installed at 3ml to the litres of aquarium water. Before installing Phospha Guard BIO cubes, allow the Nitra guard blend to first fullt matured ( 10 days) Once fulle matured and Nitrate levels are near to 0ppm, Phospha-Guard BIO cubes can be added directly into the Nitra Guard BIO cube Filter bag at a ratio of 0.25ml per litres of aquarium water.

Phospha Guard BIO cubes will become active after 14 days. If more cubes are required to lower phosphae level in the aquarium tank, increase the dosage by another 0.25ml .

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