New aqua knight spectra SP20 nano aquarium marine led lighting

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New aqua knight spectra SP20 nano aquarium marine led lighting   - SP20 20W max - SALTWATER(reef) - Come with dimmer and timer function - 3 pin UK plug   The SPECTRA AQUA SP20 LED aquarium light with its advanced technology and innovative design, this light is perfect for both...
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New aqua knight spectra SP20 nano aquarium marine led lighting


- SP20 20W max


- Come with dimmer and timer function

- 3 pin UK plug


The SPECTRA AQUA SP20 LED aquarium light with its advanced technology and innovative design,

this light is perfect for both beginner and experienced aquarium enthusiasts.


One of the standout features of the SPECTRA AQUA SP20 led is its customizable lighting options.

With the ability to adjust the color spectrum and intensity, you can create the perfect environment

for your aquatic plants and animals. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater tank or REFUGIUM tank

the SPECTRA AQUA SP20 LED has the versatility to meet your specific needs.


The SPECTRA AQUA SP20 LED , with three SALTWATER (reef), AQUASCAPER (freshwater)and REFUGIUM (macro algae) versions.

Specifically designed for the unique needs of different aquatic environments, 

this 20W max light is equipped with a timer featuring 8H/10H/12H settingsas well as A and B total two-channel control for precise customization.


The SPECTRA AQUA SP20 SALTWATER LED aquarium light is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of 

reef environments, providing the ideal spectrum and intensity for coral growth and vibrant marine life. 

With its two-channel control, users can fine-tune the lighting to suit the specific needs of their saltwater ecosystem, 

promoting optimal photosynthesis and overall health of the reef inhabitants.


For freshwater enthusiasts, the Spectraqua SP20 AQUASCAPER LED aquarium light offers a perfect balance of

spectrum and intensity to support lush plant growth and vibrant aquatic landscapes. 

The two-channel control allows for targeted lighting adjustments, empowering aquascapers to create stunning

visual displays and promote healthy plant growth within their freshwater aquariums.


Designed for the unique needs of refugium setups, the SPECTRAQUA SP20 REFUGIUM LED aquarium light is 

optimized to support macroalgae growth and overall nutrient control. 

With its 20W max output and two-channel control, this light provides the ideal spectrum and intensity to 

foster the growth of beneficial macroalgae, helping to maintain water quality and promote a thriving refugiumecosystem.


In addition to its tailored lighting capabilities, this Spectraqua SP20 LED aquarium light features a user-friendly 

timer with 8H/10H/12H settings, allowing for automated light cycles to simulate natural day-night patterns 

and promote the overall well-being of the aquatic environment.


With its advanced two-channel control, the Spectraqua SP20 SALTWATER (reef), AQUASCAPER (freshwater), 

and REFUGIUM (macro algae) LED aquarium light offers unparalleled customization, 

allowing users to fine-tune the lighting spectrum and intensity to meet the specific needs of their unique 

aquatic setups. 


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New aqua knight spectra SP20 nano aquarium marine led lighting
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