korallen zeofood plus - 50 ml/100 ml
korallen zucht zeofood plus - 50 ml / 100ml Color enhancement by supporting the biology! Enhances cleaning effecs of bacteria and promotes biology in salt water tanks. A good and important bio bilm is created within short time. After a...
RM105.00 MYR
korallen zucht ZEOstart3 - 100 ml / 250ml
zeovit ZEOstart3 - 100 ml / 250ml ZEOstart 3 was developed for reefers who want optimum water parameters in a biological way. It promotes the reproduction of all nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium and is therefore very effective in reducing...
from RM125.00 MYR
korallen zucht zeovit stone Automatikfilter *New*
korakorallen zucht zeovit stone Automatikfilter *New* ZEOvit® for automatic filters is a balanced mix of different zeolites. It is an absolutely natural Zeolite mix of highest quality. Right now the new and additional ZEOvit® version is available. The mixture with...
RM110.00 MYR
korallen zucht zeobak - 50ml / 100ml
zeovit zeobak - 50ml / 100 ml ZEObak is a microorganism solution which contains several bacterial strains that form a bacterial chain capable of consuming nutrients. ZEObak is one of the big four (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart) required for the...
from RM0.00 MYR
Zeo-Light Starter Kit Fauna Marine
Zeo-Light Starter Kit Fauna Marine In a few steps to a fantastic reef aquarium, great colors, and perfect growth The Fauna Marin Zeo-Light-System is based on few, but very effective products to allow for an easy maintenance of your marine...
RM550.00 MYR
Fauna Marin Zeo-light 1000ml
faFauna Marin Zeo-light 1000ml - special Zeolith mix for seawater aquarium Fauna Marin Zeo-Light a specially formulated Zeolite for reduction of nutrient concentrations in marine aquaria. This Zeolite provides nitrate- and ammonium-reducing bacteria an ideal environment. By using a composition...
RM87.50 MYR
NYOS zeo -1000ml Zeolite stone
NYOS zeo -1000ml Zeolite stone NYOS® ZEO is a high-quality, specially adapted zeolite mixture for seawater aquariums. Regular use reduces nitrate values permanently, simply and safely to the detection limit. The advantages at a glance: Naturally pure, high-quality, free of...
RM67.50 MYR
Bubble Magus ZF150 Zeolite reactor
Bubble Magus ZF150 Zeolite reactor   Reactor zeolite for aquariums marine and reef with curved blades. Pump: ROCK WP1000 Pump power: 20 W, 220 V For aquariums from 500 to 1500 LT Chamber diameter: 153 mm Height: 420mm How to...
RM520.00 MYR
Fauna Marin ZeoMatic 2
Fauna Marin ZeoMatic 2 Fauna Marin Zeomatic we elaborated a complete system that the daily cleaning of the zeolite takes over automatically. 2.2 L: – Size: 17x 35 x 47 – Self Cleaning System – Water and air cleaning –...
from RM3,350.00 MYR
aquaforest zeo mix
aquaforest zeo mix Compound of specially matched zeolites. Use in marine and freshwater aquariums. ZeoMix should be replaced every 6 weeks, it is efficient as of 100-500 g for 100 l(27 US gal.) of aquarium water. ZeoMix should be used...
RM61.00 MYR from RM52.00 MYR
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