Magnetic floating Feeding ring
Magnetic floating Feeding ring - Floating feeding ring to prevent un-eaten food flowing away - Helps confine fish food from floating away - For glass / Acrylic tank < 15 CM - Simple and easy to use - Size ;...
RM65.00 MYR
Vast ocean Coral frag bone cutter Large - 14 cm
Vast ocean Coral frag bone cutter Large - 14 cm coral frag tools are made with 316 surgical stainless steel. Always rinse tools under HOT tap water and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth after use before storing it in...
RM51.00 MYR
Vastocean auto rotating random flow outlet
360 Degrees Rotating Random Water Flow Item Non-Powered for Aquariums Brand : Vastocean. Type : Non powered rotating water flow item. Comes with 3 adapters of different sizes to match the return water flow outlet of your aquarium. Non-powered :...
RM50.00 MYR
Vastocean magnetic algae seaweed clip
Vastocean magnetic seaweed clip Suitable for glass / acrylic tank up to 15 mm thickness
RM38.00 MYR
Vastocean saltwater refractometer
Vastaocean saltwater refractometer VastOcean Portable Handheld Salinity Refractometer for Marine Fish Tank Specifications: *Determines the amount of dissolved salt and dissolved solids * Approved by strict quality and safety standards * Durable and built to last long * Heavy-duty and...
RM50.00 MYR
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