rowa Calcium reactor media - RowaLith W 9-15mm (6 kg)
Calcium reactor media - RowaLith W 9-15mm (6 kg) Large media of 9-15mm grain size ideal for larger calcium reactors, due to the large grain size it will resist tracking of water through the media often experienced when running small...
RM185.00 MYR RM175.00 MYR
Caribsea ARM COARSE 1 Gallon (4 kg)
Caribsea ARM COARSE 1 Gallon ( 4 kg ) For calcium reactor media Calcium reactors have evolved into several types that require different media sizes. Because of this we now offer ARMâ„¢ Coarse for rapid upflow type reactors that have...
RM190.00 MYR
korallen zucht ZEOmag Magnesium Granulate - 1 kg
Zeovit ZEOmag Magnesium Granulate - 1 kg ZEOmag is a pure magnesium granualte. Mix with the coral gravel media at a rate of 10 – 30 % and fill into the calcium reactor. Coarse grain of 6 – 12 mm....
RM135.00 MYR
Grotech Magnesium Pro CR media
Grotech Magnesium Pro Calcium Reactor media Magnesium Pro CR Media is a unique section of media , when use together with Calcium to bring up the magnesium media to helps bring up the mg ( Magnesium ) level for a...
from RM145.00 MYR
Calcium reactor Media
Calcium reactor Media calcium media is made up of 100% pure element harvest from our mother earth which is free of heavy metal and toxic elements. With a rich concentration of calcium, carbonate, magnesium, strontium, potassium and other essential trace...
from RM40.00 MYR
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