Mr Aqua black water concentration
Mr Aqua Black water Concentration Feature 1. Extract natural humic acid, tannic acid, peat water and natural organic color components and add chelating agent. 2. Can easily replicate the water quality of tropical rain forest rivers. Can promote fish reproduction,...
from RM25.00 MYR
Mr Aqua Super Nitrification bacteria
Mr Aqua Super Nitrification bacteria Feature 1. Effectively promote the establishment of a nitrification system, converting toxic ammonia (NH3) into → nitrous acid (NO2) → nitric acid (NO3) → nitrogen (N2) in volatile air. 2. Remove filthy smell in water...
from RM25.00 MYR
MR.AQUA Vitamin + immune growth element
MR.AQUA Vitamin + immune growth element Product feature Supply fish with daily vitamins and trace elements to help fish brighten and improve immunity. 2. Replenish the nutritional requirements of females, juveniles and weaker fishes to avoid spine bending and deformation...
from RM25.00 MYR
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