KH Guardian Pro Alkalinity Controller
KH Guardian Pro Alkalinity Controller   Automatic monitoring and control of alkalinity. The KH Guardian is without doubt one of the most innovative, exciting and ultimate game changing reef aquarium product of this century from the brilliant minds of Dr....
RM2,700.00 MYR
KH Guardian testing solution - 35 ML
KH Guardian Pro testing solution - 35 ml ( Per Pack ) The resolution is 0.1 dKH. The Precision is +/- 0.1dKH. Measurement range: 5 -12 dKH. Use only one reagent for each test. The used reagent goes directly to...
RM160.00 MYR
KHG kh guardian AIMS new temperature/salinity/ORP/PH interface module
KHG kh guardian new temperature/salinity/ORP/PH interface   DR. BRIDGE KHG  AIM "ADVANCED INTERFACE MODULE" Connect to Most The AIM is an Advanced Interface Module used to connect the KH Guardian Alkalinity Controller / Monitor to most third party controllers. This...
RM450.00 MYR RM390.00 MYR
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