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Ocean wonder coral frag hub 20.0
  Ocean wonder coral frag hub 20.0 Oceans Wonders new Flush Fit Coral FRAG HUBS are perfect for safely holding all of your frags in one convenient spot in your aquarium. Our frag hubs are available in a variety of...
RM125.00 MYR
  **NEW** MAXSPECT DESKTOP TANK Maxspect Desktop Tank:- Tank size: 40cm x 40cm x 36cm Tank Volume: 15gal Basic Set: Tank + DC24w return pump, filter sock, filter foam, Phosphree media, Clear-cube, bio-sphere, filter chamber tempered glass coverComplete Set: Tank + DC24w...
from RM990.00 MYR
Maxspect Coral Pruner / fragging Professional Coral Tools
Maxspect Coral Pruner Professional Coral Tools Maxspect coral pruner profesional coral tools designed specifically for marine aquarium with anti - corrosion components stainless steel anodized with chromium Ideal for Thick SPS Skeletons  
RM72.00 MYR
*NEW* Eshopps deskmate 3.8gallon nano acrylic tank set
*NEW* Eshopps deskmate 3.8gallon nano acrylic tank set    Imagine you can have a window of the aquatic world on your desk. A relaxing way to relieve stress at your home or office. With a modern design, easy to setup...
RM850.00 MYR
MacroRocks Nano Shelf 8lbs
RM275.00 MYR
MacroRocks Nano Shelf 8lbs
  MacroRocks Nano Shelf 8lbs MarcoRocks Reef Saver Nano Shelf Dry Live Rock is the ideal aquascaping rock for adding big visual impact to small reef aquariums. With tons of naturally varying rock shapes and sizes, you can create the...
RM275.00 MYR
MacroRocks Frag Mount 9lbs
RM275.00 MYR
MacroRocks Frag Mount 9lbs
MacroRocks Frag Mount 9lbs  MarcoRocks Reef Saver Frag Mounts are one of our favorite options for mounting new coral frags for placement in our display tanks. The natural shapes and small size of these pieces allow them to easily blend...
RM275.00 MYR
Haoos PS-50 nano skimmer
Haoos PS-50 nano skimmer Compact Design for Nano Reef Aquarium. Model: Ps-50 Flow rate; 60 Litres/H Power: 5.3w Voltage: 220- 240v Dimensions: 50 x 50x 240 mm Low noise, high output Description: 1. Compact design for nano reef aquarium. 2. Needle...
RM110.00 MYR
Kamoer A1 single dosing pump (NEW)
Kamoer Dosing Pump A1 A1 is a single channel Wi-Fi dosing pump. The structure is equipped with a long-life imported pumptube, and the service life is guaranteed. A1 can flexibly and accurately supplement various traceelements required for the growth of...
RM460.00 MYR
Caribsea Oolite Dry aragonte sand 30 lbs
Caribsea Oolite Dry aragonte sand 30 lbs Ocean sourced aragonite material of the finest quality 0.5 - 1.2mm diameter grain size (approximate).Also known as "oolitic sand", this product is ideal for shallower beds, allowing denitrification in as little as 1"...
RM340.00 MYR
REEFMAT Sump Modification Kit
  REEFMAT Sump Modification Kit This kit was designed to be an effective tool for removing the internals of sumps, for cutting and removing silicon & glass panels to enable the installation of the Red Sea ReefMat filter. Kit Includes:...
RM75.00 MYR
Hanna Marine Magnesium HI783-25 reagent
  Hanna Marine Magnesium  HI783-25 reagent For use with Hanna marine magnesium checker HI783 Pre-made reagents for ease of use Prepared with high purity chemicals Marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability
RM128.00 MYR
Hanna Marine Magnesium Checker® HC HI783
Hanna Marine Magnesium Checker® HC HI783 Fewer steps than other chemical tests Color-coded syringes make the magnesium test simple and effortless Dedicated to a single parameter Small size, big convenience Ideal for: Saltwater Aquariums, Marine, and Aquaculture Applications   Our...
RM380.00 MYR

Best Seller

Redsea REEF ENERGY AB + ( NEW) amino acid with coral food (250ml/500ml/1000ml/5L )
Redsea REEF ENERGY AB + ( NEW) Based on our long-term research, Reef Energy Plus is an enhanced supplement that provides the complete nutritional components needed by Soft, LPS, SPS, and non-photosynthetic corals for vitality, growth, and coloration. Benefits Meets...
from RM70.00 MYR
Guo Elephant 20g coral frag and plant glue
Guo Elephant 20g coral frag and plant glue Suitable for any freshwater or marine aquarium application. Bond underwater and non toxic to aquatic life . (Non-toxic, tasteless, strong fixation) for bonding aquatic plants, corals , SPS and other aquarium application....
RM15.00 MYR from RM9.50 MYR
DI De-ionization Aquarium Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin - 0.5 L
DI De-ionization Aquarium Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin - 0.5L DI Resin is necessary to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to zero and is usually use as the last stage filtration of an RO/DI unit. It is not necessary to...
RM30.00 MYR
RedSea N03P04-X Phosphate & Nitrate reducer
RedSea N03P04-X Phosphate & Nitrate reducer - Highly effective, reef-safe solution for the long term prevention of algae through precise control of nitrates & phosphates redsea_no3p0x Controllable and safe nitrate & phosphate reduction Sets and maintains ongoing desired levels of...
RM95.00 MYR from RM70.00 MYR
ClariSea SK-5000 XL Fleece Matt replacement ** New**
ClariSea SK-5000 XL Fleese Matt replacement ( 40 meter / 13 ft ) Replacement fleece roll for the ClariSea SK-5000 ( 82 ft 40 meter length ) now come with extra length without increase in price. clarisea rooller matt
RM97.00 MYR
rowa phos phosphate remover 250g/500g/1000g/5kg
Rowa Phos Phosphate remover RowaPhos is a unique man made ferric hydroxide material specifically produced for efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water, having initially been developed in Germany for treating mains water supplies. As...
RM55.00 MYR from RM49.00 MYR
pro reef Air Skimz- ( Color changing C02 carbon dioxide absorbent ) 
Pro Reef Air Skimz - ( Color changing Co2 carbon dioxide absorbent )   Pro Reef Air Skimz Is a Color Changing CO2 Absorbent which contains a special Zeolite to reduce the risk of drying out which results in media...
from RM48.00 MYR
polyplab reef roids - coral food
Polyplab Reef Roids coral food ** New 2020 packaging, with more content ** Reef-Roids is a blend of naturally occurring marine planktons, which contains a species of zooplankton that is unique to our product. It is formulated to minimize water...
RM69.00 MYR from RM60.00 MYR
Hanna Instrument Marine Alkalinity Reagents for HI772 (25 Tests)
Hanna Instrument Marine Alkalinity Checker® HC Reagents for HI772 (25 Tests)   Details The HI772-26 are high-quality reagents that are pre-measured, allowing for users to achieve fast and accurate measurements with their Marine Alkalinity Checker® HC. These reagents follow the...
RM55.00 MYR
Candy colored Dosing tube GREEN- 1 meter / 5 meter / 10 meter
Candy colored Dosing tube GREEN- 1 meter / 5 meter / 10 meter   Durable colored doing tube for use on your dosing pump, and for easy identify of various dosing elements .
from RM5.00 MYR
HAILEA ACO series Air pump
HAILEA ACO series Air pump HAILEA ACO-66 Series adjustable silent air pump is dirven by high-quality AC motor. And the advanced air compressing system is made up of special artificial rubber which is assemble to produce large air output -Innovative...
from RM31.00 MYR
Two Little Fishies SEA VEGGIES SEAWEED SHEETS - 30 g Well suited for herbivores and omnivores, such as: Tangs and Surgeonfish Angelfish Moorish Idols Parrotfish Large Butterflyfish Cichlids and Goldfish Fish that are known as herbivores or omnivores will naturally...
RM42.00 MYR

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